Molliolli Glory short cropped jacket

Molliolli Glory short cropped jacket

£90.00 £180.00


This is a fur jacket made from long-hair faux fur fabric. With long sleeves and a cropped length, it pairs well with high-waisted bottoms. No collar design adds the appeal to the item.


- Cozy fit silhouette for comfortable wear experience

- Long sleeve length that makes your look stylish

- No closure design like buttons as a refined touch

* MOLLIOLLI uses fabric from Tissavel. Made with high-quality faux fur fabric from Tissavel in France, which boasts 70 years of tradition, it demonstrates skilled craftsmanship. Not only does it have an excellent touch that is superior to real fur, but it also features an innovative material with high thermal insulation. High-quality Tissavel fabric is recognized for its premium quality, being the choice of luxury brands worldwide.

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